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How do you preserve a child’s individuality and nurture their interest? What are the early warning signs for lack of comprehension and what actions can you take to resolve these difficulties?

Every child is an individual – some children fit easily into the social scene and academic life of school while other children might experience shyness, inability to retain information, or are interested in a certain career that is not a 9-5 job but full of adventure and challenges. No two children are alike, even with siblings there can be major differences!

In today’s education sector there are many options open to the discerning parent as to where they want their child to go for schooling. The glamour of fancy tennis courts and a wide choice of facilities will not do any good if your child is unhappy at school and not learning.

Sometimes it can be potluck what type of teacher your child gets and anything less than a positive direction with lots of creativeness to make the learning process interesting can have an adverse effect on your child’s enjoyment at school.

What about those playground activities which can sometimes get rough such as excluding other children from games, name calling, sometimes even physical violence? How can you tell if your child is in a safe environment or not? Who can you see to get effective help in the school?

All these issues are valid concerns for parents and the best way to determine what is on offer is to go and see for yourself what goes on.

The Athena School is an independent school with over 26 years’ experience in the education field. We have tours during school hours so you can see the children both in class and in the playground.

Come learn those early warning signs about lack of comprehension and how we teach students the skills to become lifelong learners.

Find out for yourself! Call (02) 9557 0022 and organise a tour NOW.

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The Athena School is licensed by Applied Scholastics International, registered with the NSW Board of Studies and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools, NSW.

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