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Founded in 1986 by a group of dedicated parents, The Athena School is a friendly, family-oriented school which treats every student as a unique individual.

The individuality, talents and interests of each student are allowed to flourish and strengthen. Whilst every group must have rules and discipline, we do not allow ours to constrain the purpose and self-determinism of the students. Our aim is to help students get to grips with the world and understand better how it works, so that they can take their part in it and develop tools so that they can achieve their goals. Indeed we intend to achieve with each student who comes through our doors is, “Happy students with the educational tools to competently pursue their goals in life.” And this is what we achieve with our students each and every day.


What sets us apart is the Applied Scholastics Educational Philosophy, taken from the works of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, which focuses on independent learning and the application of information. It is all very well to learn something for the sake of passing a test, but in the wider world, the true measure of your understanding is whether or not you can actually put your studies into use.  Further, with a more independent educational structure than most other schools, the students are far more able to pursue the subjects that are of most interest to them. Here, and particularly in our High School, the individuality of each child is able to be expressed as they expand into subjects of their own choosing, within the scope of the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum.

As Mr Hubbard himself once said: “It takes brilliant imagination to be a teacher, it takes brilliant reasoning power to be happy in this world. If all children were taught to reason as they learned a few facts, they would have what nature intended them to have, a better castle for their defense.” – L. Ron Hubbard

Josie-Evans-Alumni-of-The-Athena-School-Newtown-258x300EDUCATION FROM KINDERGARTEN TO YEAR 10

Our school takes children from the first year of Primary School in Kindy, to the threshold of their HSC at Year 10. With the fundamentals of their education firmly in place, and with a true love of learning, our students make their own choices as to the next steps of their educational or career paths. Many decide to complete their HSC, and one of the first choices available to them is the Macquarie Grammar School in Sydney’s CBD, with which The Athena School has close ties. Others have chosen to go to the Newtown High School of Performing Arts, amongst other places – and many move on to pursue their goals in University with great distinction.

athena_school_welcomingA SECULAR, WELCOMING SCHOOL

The Athena School is a secular school forwarding no religion, but rather teaching acceptance and tolerance of all religions, faiths and creeds, as per the principles of Mr. Hubbard’s commonsense moral guide The Way to Happiness. We are welcoming to students of all races and coming from every conceivable background, and are proud to count students of a dozen or more different races who have attended the school in the past and present. Furthermore, we teach our students the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which promotes the equality of all peoples no matter what race, colour or creed.

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The Athena School is licensed by Applied Scholastics International, registered with the NSW Board of Studies and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools, NSW.

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