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The Athena School welcomes enrolments throughout the school year and with our innovative learning and studying methods we are able to provide a tailor-made education program for each student. This means that no matter when they begin at Athena, they are never left feeling behind.

The Athena School has short term and long term enrolment options for students who are Australian residents, those on holidays and for International Students on a Student Visa.


Enrolling your child at The Athena School it is a simple process: 


Australian residents click on the Australian Resident button below. 


Overseas residents wanting to enrol their child (must be 6 years old at time of enrolment) for more than 3 months and have a student visa, click on the International Students button below.


Residents and non-residents looking for short term study options for their child or want to have an Australian school experience from 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks, click on the Non-Resident button below.   

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