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The Athena School follows the guidelines set out by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) for registered schools and we incorporate the following subjects into our school curriculum.

Art & Art Appreciation


Crafts & Manual Skills

Creative Writing


English Language & Literature



Manners, Morals and Values



Physical Education and Sport


Research and Study Skills

Science and Technology

Social Studies


Survival Skills

A Technology of Study
The basic principles of Study Technology are covered in the children's book by American writer and educator L. Ron Hubbard titled Learning How to Learn, which begins with the line, “You can learn anything you want to learn.” A copy of this book is provided to parents upon enrollment of their child. Athena School students study this book in year 3.

Study Technology is both a learning and a teaching method that helps students and teachers alike identify barriers to understanding and tackle difficulties in study.


It is not a set of study tips or memory tricks, but is an understanding of the learning process itself. This simple yet precise set of tools helps a student spot study challenges and effectively turn those difficulties around.

The basic concepts of Study Technology have been incorporated throughout the school, including the arrangement of the classroom, the role of the teacher, the personal attention given to learners and a positive attitude towards learning.

How did Study Technology Begin?
Study Technology is a secular (non-religious) method of study developed by L. Ron Hubbard, an American writer and philosopher who became interested in education as a young man while teaching English in a native school in Guam during the 1920’s.

In the 1960’s, he saw that declining educational standards were having a profound effect on the learning abilities of people from all walks of life. His investigation of this decline and subsequent research into the learning process led to the development of a unique and effective approach to learning – Study Technology. As such, the school owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Hubbard. His secular writings on education, ethics and organization inspired the school’s mission and educational philosophy.

Here at Athena, we love to get out into the world to see what we are learning about first hand and gain practical experience where possible. We also go on many sport excursions throughout the year as well as excursions to reward high student production. This brings education to life and makes it more enjoyable for all concerned.

The Athena School Ltd is licensed by Applied Scholastics International, registered with the NESA ( NSW Education Standards Authority) and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools, NSW. ABN: 34630740886

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