Qualities such as personal integrity, responsibility and respect for self and others are necessary for a happy and worthwhile life, and therefore guidance towards these qualities is considered an important role of the school.

The non-religious moral precepts contained in How to Make Good Choices (based on Mr. Hubbards The Way to Happiness) are used for this purpose. Included are:

  • “Love and help your parents”

  • “Set a good example”

  •  “Be truthful”

  • “Respect the religious beliefs of others” and

  • “Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you”.

While the school is not run on authoritarian lines, positive control is used and self-discipline is fostered through the use of the precepts in How to Make Good Choices. The school has a zero tolerance on bullying.

At Athena we strive for friendliness and approachability between parents and staff to help resolve any concerns relating to the child’s progress at school.


Being of service to his or her community plays a big part in the upbringing of a child in today’s world.
Many of Athena’s students are Drug-Free Ambassadors and help in encouraging young people to lead drug-free lives.
Other organizations which are proudly supported by our students include:

  • Youth for Human Rights

  • Clean Up Australia Day

  • The Cat Protection Society

  • Harmony Day

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