learning at athena

Our approach is friendly and caring and works to develop a passion for learning in the students. To achieve this, we provide smaller classes with a higher teacher/student ratio and more personalised attention.

The school’s educational focus is on nurturing the student’s individual talents and encouraging an enquiring mind.

Students at Athena are introduced to a simple, practical method of study from their early school years. By the time they arrive in High School they are developing the skills to independently be able to use this method of study to investigate and research any topic of interest. Furthermore, this method of study results in the students truly understanding what they have learned, so they can put their knowledge to practical use in the workaday world.

Students at The Athena School are taught so that they can apply what they learn.

A common problem with students throughout the world is that they cannot apply the information they have studied, when faced with practical situations.

Students at The Athena School learn to correlate one piece of information to a totally different piece of information taught later on. The information becomes their own, rather than being something they must endure so they can pass a test.

Furthermore, with our Quality Assurance department, we can assist any students who are having difficulty, and give them one-on-one assistance to help them get back up to speed. Any students who don’t get 100% on their tests are likewise assisted by Quality Assurance, where the materials they haven’t fully grasped are gone over, so they fully understand the area before they carry on with their studies.

Through this approach we have found students enjoy what they study and find it easier to study as they carry on through school and into life. And, after all, that is where the child must actually use the data – in life.


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