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Learning at Athena

What makes The Athena School Different? 


Each student receives their own Individual Education Program (IEP) when they attend The Athena School.



Sometimes a student arrives at Athena significantly behind our standards for their age.  When this happens, we recommend one of our tutors work with the student to get them back on track.  The Athena School is unique in the fact that we have tutors at the school trained in our curriculum and ready to help any student with one-on-one service.  Note: tutoring is an additional cost. 


One of the unique aspects of The Athena School is our Quality Assurance Department. When the student arrives, we do an interview to establish the students view of school and life and any difficulties they may be having.  We then test the students Word Recognition Age, Comprehension, Spelling, Grammar, Written Expression and Maths.  Based on these test results we formulate a program, if needed, to address any gaps in the students’ knowledge and this is incorporated into their IEP.  They are helped with this program by their teacher and/or Quality Assurance staff.  


As the student moves through their IEP, many units of work have exams which are done in the Quality Assurance Department.  Any needed correction is done so that the student has full understanding of what he has studied before he moves onto the next unit of work.   This system allows our students to work at their own pace and take the time to fully comprehend and master a subject without the pressure of “having to keep up with others”. 



Students can sometimes become bogged down on a subject and as a result move slower than their usual pace. The Athena School has staff trained in “defining words” to help these students. To “define” a word means to fully understand all the meanings of the word and be able to use it in sentences.  Our staff are highly trained in the technique of discovering what is preventing the student’s comprehension and slowing him down. Thorough defining of words is one of the unique and extremely valuable services that The Athena School provides as a standard part of its academic program the results can be quite miraculous! 

These reasons and so much more make The Athena School the ideal choice for a growing number of families locally and internationally with regard to their children’s education.

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