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Year 10 @ Athena

The Athena School is Registered but not Accredited to deliver Year 10. This means that we cannot nominate candidates for the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) also known as the Year 10 Certificate.

It is our duty to inform all parents of High School students, that students who complete their Year 10 course at this school will not be eligible for a ROSA.

Registration is a non-government school’s license to operate. The main purpose of Registration is to ensure that the requirements of the Education Act are being, or will be, met. The Athena School is Registered.

Accreditation authorises a non-government school to nominate candidates for the award of the ROSA. We are not Accredited.

If my child wishes to go on to Year 11 & 12 at a Secondary School of their choice, will the Year 10 they’ve completed at Athena be recognised by that new school?

Yes. Students are issued with an Athena School Year 10 certificate.

If my child wishes to leave school after completing Year 10, to study a trade or attend TAFE, is the Year 10 work they’ve completed at The Athena School recognised as a Year 10 completion?


If you only deliver up to Year 10 at Athena, how do students get into Year 11 at another school?

Students select and apply for their own schools for Year 11. We assist with this as needed. Obviously, if they’re applying for a selective or private school, they need to pass an admissions test with that school. Past students have done this. Our students who go on to attend a public high school for Year 11 have had no difficulties being accepted. Additionally, the study methods they have learnt from Athena will stand them in excellent stead in whatever field they choose to pursue. We provide certification that your child has achieved the outcomes of the Year 10 Syllabus.


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